Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here comes Peter Frankentail

This is the Easter Egg Mani I did a while ago when I did my Frankens. I thought they turned out kinda cute!

~ Sylvia~

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Purple People Eater

The Emerald City is turning purple! This purple polish is "Flying Dragon" by China Glaze and it is fantastic! In the first pic I have two fingers matte and two fingers shiny. In the last pic I just had to make them all shiny!

It went on perfectly, not to thick or thin moderate opacity, just perfect. A dark but florescent purple with fuchsia and light blue sparkles, this is 3 coats and 5 blings!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashon & Beauty Giveaway

Who wants CASH, or the next best thing?! A $40 gift card to MAC or Forever 21! Then you must check out Chelsey's giveaway at:



The Big 150 Follower Bling Giveaway

The Big 150 Follower Bling Giveaway is underway. We are preparing it now. Thank you all SOOOOOO much. We will try and make this a good one so stay tuned! So excited!

We're trying to capture some flying monkeys from the wicked witch and shake some goodies out of them.

~Sylvia and April

Confessions of a Polishaholic Giveaway

Find it here!

Contest open until 4/20/10


Polished Lyrics Giveaway

And you thought I hadn't already posted enough giveaways, LOL. I just have to say, you all know how much I love color club and here they are!

Ends 4/15/10


Surprise Puppy Giveaway!

You can read more about this very creative giveaway here:

Ends 4/30/10


Susie's Giveaway

Look at that great polish! Her blog also features her home and hobbies :)

Find the giveaway here:

Ends 4/22/10


Another Giveaway!

Dollface is having a giveaway!

The giveaway is located here:

Also see her Etsy store here:

And her youtube channel here:

This giveaway ends on 4/13/10.


We Won We Won!

This is our first giveaway win! Thanks to Sawan for the beautiful Claire's Mood polishes!

See her blog at

She also has another giveaway going here!

~Sylvia & April

Woo Hoo Purple Ave.

I have been meaning to do this combo for some time. When I saw these bottles together I new they were meant for each other. This is two yummy, flakie coats of NYX - Purple Ave. over Sally Hansen - Grape Going. Love me some flakies! Dried super fast. Love!!! 5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

Pinkie and the Brain

This is Pinkie, and I am the brain, LOL. I put pinkie on my pinkie, but it was more like stinkie until it dried. Then I had stinkie pinkie on my pinkie. :)

Okay, seriously though this is a nice bubble gum pink and it went on great. It's called "She's sooo Glam" by Color Club's Rebel Debutante collection. Not the most original color, but I'd wear it again. 3.5 Blings


Monday, March 29, 2010

NAILSTAH'S First Reader Appreciation Giveaway!!!

Yipee, another great giveaway! Find it here:

Ends 4/12/10


Nail Addicts Annonymous Giveaway

This is a great giveaway as well! Celebrating 64 followers and she now has over 400! WOW!

Ends 4/9/10


Nikki's Nails Giveaway!

She now has 260+ followers, Congratulations!

Ends 4/19/10


I wanna be a Groupie

It's not bad hair day, it's duochrome day!

This is so fabulous, and it just won't show it's full glory on camera. You're seeing the blue flash, but you aren't seeing the dark fuchsia flash. This is "Groupie" by L.A. Girl Rock Star and it gets 5 Blings easy!


The infamous "Scrangie Dupe"

Well, I really don't know how much of a dupe this is because I don't have RBL - Scrangie polish. By the time I got up the courage to pay that much it was sold out. This is Sally Hansen - Grape Going. This is three coats with a top coat of Poshe'. I Love this color! It reminds me of finely machined and oiled steel. This is a gorgeous purple and blue green duo-chrome, I just wish it covered in two coats. And dry time was very slow.
I think this may be back up worthy! Sadly no sun could be found for the pics in the Emerald City. LOVE! 5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

Uptown Girl

This is a beautiful dusty mauve from Color Club's "Rebel Debutante" collection. Same great creamy application! 2 coats with no top coat. 4 Blings


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goody Plum Drop

Well, this is from the Sweet Things line from Maybelline. This is two coats with no top coat. It went on ok. The color is much warmer than the pics. The weird thing about this polish is the little bubbles that showed up as it dried. Maybe if I had put a top coat on it would have been better.
I like the color and the $1.75 price was cool. 3.5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

Forget Now!

This is Sinful Colors - Forget Now. It's a really pretty Hot dark red pink with lots of glass shimmer and flecks in it. It went on thick but nice. This is three coats with a top coat of Poshe'. Happy Palm Sunday! 4 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Make It Sew

If you'd like to be added to our blog list leave us a comment and we will "Make it sew". We'd like to be added to yours alsew ;)

Notice the lovely manicure to match the star fleet uniform we gave them! It's China Glaze "Ruby Pumps"! We think it's sexy! ROFL! This is definitely a 5 Blinger

~Sylvia & April

Bestest Blogger Friends

If you'd like to be added to our blog list leave us a comment. We would love to be bestest blogger friends!

~Sylvia & April

Sandy Brown Cream

This will go very well with my fancy brown outfits and Kathy Van Zeeland purse! Again a bit streaky, but I love the creamy application and it is easy to handle. "Best Dressed List" by Color Club (again from the Rebel Debutante collection) makes me feel ready for shopping night. 4 Blings



Okay, sorry for the messy application. It was very late when I did this. Although I don't think the name "Charity Ball" describes this at all, I do think it would be a good color for fall. Again from Color Club's "Rebel Debutante" collection it has the same streaky but otherwise great application and formula. I love the consistency of this line! This one gets 3.5 Blings

Friday, March 26, 2010

Giveaway Time Again!

This one is from Painted Lady Fingers called "Smooth and Polished Giveaway" - look at all that great stuff! Find it at

Cherry Fashion

This is Rimmel - Cherry Fashion. Love the big brush. Like the color. The application was streaky and this is three coats with no top coat. Could be better could be worse. The day was gorgeous! I had to get some pics of this with some real cherry blossoms! 3 Blings

~ Sylvia~

Creamy Mushroom

This color also reminds me of a mushroom, maybe a shitake. It's one of my favorites from Color Club's Rebel Debutante collection called "High Society" and does make me feel rich and pampered. This would be great to wear to a day at the spa (like I'd know!). Goes on a bit streaky but covers well with 2 coats. 4.5 blings



These Maybelline and Sally Hansens are very similar. What do you think?


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Venetian Red

This is Borghese - Venetian Red. I got this at Rite Aid a few weeks ago for 75% off. This is 2 coats and it went on so easy! Nice and smooth like glass. And I love the deep rich shimmer! If you have a chance to pick it up on clearance I would grab it! I also have on a top coat of Poshe'. Love! 4.5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who am I wearing?

This is "Who Are You Wearing?" by Color Club, #1 in the Rebel Debutante collection. I really like it- this was 3 coats, and a bit streaky but also very creamy and nice application. I like the light mushroom color too. 3.5 blings.


Gold Milani Holo

For me this is just okay. It went on great and dried fast, though the brush was tiny. I think it's my skin tone- just too red for this color. 3.5 Blings


Seeing Red!

UPDATE: Wow, My Hubby saw this polish on my hands he said he loved it and thought it was super sexy and HOT! Other blogers have said it seems to be a man magnet, I guess they weren't kidding!

I thought I'd take a break from purple for a bit and do something totally different. This is Essie - Fishnet Stockings. I had a hard time getting the color right. This is a dark, very vampy blood red. Not a very spring color but a nice change! This is two coats, the application was ok. One coat of Poshe' on top. Really love the shine on this! For the base I used Essie - Fill the Gap. So far I really like it! It dried fast and gave a smooth finish. 4.5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~