Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goody Plum Drop

Well, this is from the Sweet Things line from Maybelline. This is two coats with no top coat. It went on ok. The color is much warmer than the pics. The weird thing about this polish is the little bubbles that showed up as it dried. Maybe if I had put a top coat on it would have been better.
I like the color and the $1.75 price was cool. 3.5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~


  1. I like this colour too. Very pretty.

  2. I find quicker drying polished chip far more easily on me. Did you experience that with this polish?

  3. I really really like this color, but my bottle has lots of little lumps in it! :[

  4. Alisa - I didn't have it on long enough to chip, but the top coat I put on usually fixes that.

    Tierney - Thanks.

    SeeingSunshine - No lumps but a long hair on brush that needed trimmed. And Bubbles.



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