Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pinkie and the Brain

This is Pinkie, and I am the brain, LOL. I put pinkie on my pinkie, but it was more like stinkie until it dried. Then I had stinkie pinkie on my pinkie. :)

Okay, seriously though this is a nice bubble gum pink and it went on great. It's called "She's sooo Glam" by Color Club's Rebel Debutante collection. Not the most original color, but I'd wear it again. 3.5 Blings



  1. oooo, I have this too. I'll get around to swatching it soon too. Good to know what color my photographs should look like. =D

  2. It's a pretty color, if not the most original. Thanks to this post, I am going to have the Pinkie & the Brain theme song stuck in my head. I used to watch that show.


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