Friday, March 13, 2015

First try with Jamberry

I've heard all sorts of things about Jamberry nail wraps but finally decided to try them myself. My neighbor has been raving about how great they are and so far I have to agree!  They were quick and easy to put on (heat up, smooth out, and file tips).

A major plus is that when my kids kept inturupting I didn't have to worry about wet polish getting smudged and could still fully use my hands. I just went right back to doing my nails when I had another moment to do so.

Now for the test- will these last 10 to 14 days? Even glue on fake nails don't last that long for me so this will be interesting.  Between horse dirt and diaper changes I plan to keep my hands free from gloves and put these to the test.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Mint Sprint, spring is here in the Emerald city!

To celebrate our extra hour of daylight (sorry early birds) I've pulled out an oldie but goodie, Mint Sprint by Sally Hanson.

There's a good reason the Insta-Dri polishes have been my all time favorites and this one is no exception. They go on thick and easy (two coats here) and dry fast. The color is a nice cool green that lives up to its name though not exactly fabulous to me since I prefer all things that sparkle, so this will get a solid 4 blings, only lacking something shiny.

It feels so good to have a manicure once again! I'm an on the go gal and now a busy mommy of a toddle tot and crawler which leaves little to no time for nails. Hopefully this blog will get some much needed updates :)