Sunday, February 28, 2010

Emergency Flu 411

I made my first trip to the store in a week. I have passed the flu to my husband, so I had to go stock up. I know a lot of people have been sick so I had to tell you what I found.
Someone should get a medal for this idea!

I give you " Puffs with Lotion and Vicks"

~ Sylvia ~

Saturday, February 27, 2010


If you like odd, you'll love this. I've got the Sally Hanson Insta-Dri "Mochachino" as a base, with NYX "Rainbow Sparkle" over the top. Aside from the fact that this is clearly a yellow glitter jelly and NYX has no idea how to name their glitters, I'm quite fond of this combo. It's one of those plain looking browns, until you inspect it to find a toxic yellow glow. Very interesting and I'd like to try this glitter over a black base- can we say Mr. Yuck sticker? 4 blings.


My Six Spring Franken's

These are the six pastels that I Frankened for Spring. I have been wanting some light pastels for a few years now and I never could find the right colors. I think some of these are dupes, I hope. I will swatch these over the next few days. This is my first real attempt to Franken so I hope they come out. When Wet & Wild went on sale at Rite Aid for $0.59 I thought this was a good time to give it a whirl.
These colors make me excited for Easter!

~ Sylvia ~

Friday, February 26, 2010

Brilliant Browns

I've been wanting to do a brown comparison for some time, and here it is :) As you can see, two of the colors are identical- they are NYC "Canal Street" (Pointer finger) and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Mochachino". Complete dupes, but the SH has much better application, so I'd go with it if you have the choice.

All of these had a medium dry time. Here's the breakdown:
Pinkie- "Brisbane Bronze" by OPI
This was fairly thin, so it is the only one above that needed 3 coats, and I would probably go with 4 if I was planning on wearing it exclusively. A nice color. 3.5 blings

Ring- "Haute Chocolate" by Sally Hansen Salon
I've been wondering if these are worth the price. I love the application- nice wider brush (similar to the SH Insta-Dri brush), and it was quite opaque, though need 2 coats to bring out it's best (as pictured). I wouldn't say it's better than the Insta-Dri though, so unless you must have a certain color, I'd stick with cheaper polish. 4 blings

Middle- "Mochachino" by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Great opacity! I could have left this at 1 coat (shown at 2 coats)! It is exactly the same color as "Canal Street" (below). This went on smooth. Love! 4.5 blings

Pointer- "Canal Street" by NYC
Medium opacity, thin for application. Brush was just okay, but the color is great. 3.5 blings


Glitter makes it Better!

I added two more coats of 5 Golden Rings to the tips of my nails and one of Poshe' to smooth it out. The camera doesn't catch all the glitter, but this is better. I would at least walk out of the house in this mani, if I wasn't typhoid Mary that is. This flu sucks!!! 3 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

WoW! From Classy to Trashy!

Hmmmmm, It seemed like a good idea at the time. I think I am delirious from this fever! So, i wanted to do a sponge gradient over Commander in Chic. So I used Orly - Country Club Khaki in the middle and added a little white to that for the tips. Blaaa! Hate! So to blend it out more I topped it with China Glaze - 5 Golden Rings. Grrrrrrr!
So now it looks like I have VNL and like a two year old slopped some polish on me! :( 1.5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks to our 100 followers!

Anstah is our 100th follower! Thank you all sooooooo very much for all your comments and the wonderful help you've given us in starting this blog. We had no idea we'd make it this far this fast or we'd have shortened up our first giveaway. Look for another to come soon! We've been thinking of giving away flying monkeys or rides in the Wizards hot air balloon, but we haven't decided yet, LOL.

We'd appreciate any more comments or suggestions you have and thanks again times a million!

~Sylvia, April, and Monica

Commander in Chic

The first two pics are outside and the last two are inside.
This is two coats of Sally Hansen - Commander in Chic and one coat Poshe'. This went on thick and a little streaky but not to bad. Good coverage and great shine. This is a very hip and cool color. My pics are a little on the light and warm side. 4 Blings

Then I had this little nagging voice saying "this is so familiar". So I had to go dig deep in my pile. And look what I found! Why it's it's good old Orly - Midnight Mist from way back! It's a little on the purple side but not too much. Guess I was all cool and hip before I even knew it! :)

~ Sylvia ~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Going Green

Sally Hansen X-Wear "Mint Sprint"

One, then two coats of NYX "Lime Sparkle"

I love these colors. "Mint Sprint" by itself is cool (4 blings- went on easy and very opaque- only 2 coats), but it was lacking something for me since my last mani was so crazy (orange neon plus sparkle). So I added a couple coats of the highly acclaimed (by Scrangie) "Lime Sparkle" and it looks fabulous! Lime Sparkle gets 5 blings for it's ability to transform "blah" into "voila".


Naked Nails

Well, here they are in all their nekid glory. I feel so shy, I feel like asking for someone to throw me a towel (blush). So,,,, any helpful hints, comments, wisecracks etc.

~ Sylvia ~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OPI Look Alikes

Over at Right on the Nail I was looking at the OPI Hot & Spicy Pics and was thinking hmmm, I think I have one just that color. So I pulled out "My Chihuahua Bites" and I think they are Dupes. What do you guys think? My Pics were all taken outside so the color came out a little light. This was three coats. 3.5 Blings

Oh, and I think that I caught that Glitter Bug from Manicured Manatee. It seems to be going around. This is two coats of NYX - Red Glitter (looks orange to me). Over my Chihuahua Bites. I think this looks really HOT! 4 Blings

~ Sylvia~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hard Candy - Sweet p



I knew this polish was sheer so I put two coats over Hi-Tech. This is just far out! I cant tell you cool this is! There is two coats of poshe' as this glitter is a little gritty.
If this doesn't get you noticed nothing will. This is a must have! It would be great for Patty's Day.
5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

Scent Of The Day

Today I'm wearing CK IN2U. I love it's fresh citrus on top and the warm vanilla on the bottom. I give it 4 blings.

Here is the official description of the notes:

top: pink grapefruit fizz, sicilian bergamot, red currant leaves
a carefree burst of sparkling pink grapefruit fizz, splashed over tart red currant leaves and zesty sicilian bergamot.

mid: sugar orchid, white cactus
a sugar-coated fantasy blooms and mingles with the hypnotic nectar of the
white cactus.

dry: neon amber, vanilla soufflé, red cedar
warm neon amber floods throughout, finishing with a kiss of luscious vanilla soufflé and smoldering red cedar.

You can see reviews from here:


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Got me some Orange nails too!

I got all jealous when I saw Aprils nails. Well humph! So I decided that I would have some too. But I was to lazy to change my polish. Do you like my nails? I think they are delicious!

~ Sylvia ~

Hot Polish!

The first picture is Milani "Juicy Glo" by itself- 5 whopping coats and it's still slightly transparent. It also took forever to dry, but a Poshe' top coat set it nicely after the last coat. The color is out of this world, so it is worth the effort, but next time I'll layer a more opaque orange underneath. 4.5 Blings

The second picture is after adding two coats of Sinful Colors "Smoking Hot". This shimmery glitter looks much more flashy than the picture and dries fast (thank heavens after the above 5 coats!) This combo also gets 4.5 Blings.


Polish and Perfume

Spring is here in the Pacific Northwest! We've been having gorgeous sunny days and the lilac's buds are opening.

So in honor of spring I thought Milani ~ Hi-Tech was perfect. This is a stunning pale green holographic. I gave it three coats and one coat of Poshe'. Love! 4.5 Blings

The perfume is Lolita Lempicka ~ Fleur Defendue edp.
Aka - forbidden flower. This is sweet, green and fresh but with a spicy dry down. It's a lighter version of the original. Perfect for spring.

Top Notes - Absinth flower
Strawberry leaf
Mimosa stem

Mid Notes - Peony
Aniseed flower

Base Notes - Almond musk
Morello cherry musk

4 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sinful - Pearl Harbor

I really did not want to take off my SH - Purple Pizzazz. It was wearing so nice, and I just Love the color! So I thought I would see what Pearl Harbor on top would look like. WoW! This just jumps out at you. Purple and teal glitter over Burple. This is just so cool. I highly recommend this combo. This is 2 coats of Pearl Harbor. 5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Great Bling Givaway

The Great Bling Givaway is to celebrate our 25 followers and will include THREE, yes 3 prizes! There are three of us, so that's the lucky number :)

Glinda the Good Witch will be awarding the following Nail Polish prizes:
  1. Four (4) OPI "senoritas" Mini Nail Lacquers (Includes "Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees", "No Spain No Gain", "Pink Flamenco", and "RapiDri Top Coat").
  2. Two (2) Sally Hansen Opal Nail Glaze Polishes (Rose Gold and Earthen Opal).
  3. One (1) NailTek II Intensive Therapy (for soft, peeling nails).

The first winner will get to choose their prize, then second can choose of the remaining selections, and third will get the last available prize. The giveaway is open to all readers worldwide! Each person is allowed to enter three (3) times, as follows:
  1. Commenting on this post and becoming a follower.
  2. Telling someone else (who must also comment and become a follower).
  3. Posting a link to this post on your blog (please also leave a comment with the link included).
Prizes will be awarded by to the first, second, and third selections. Please make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry to ensure they get counted! The giveaway closes Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 at Midnight PST. Prize winners will be announced no later than Saturday, March 6th. So click your Ruby Pumps together 3 times and say "There's no give away like Bling".

~Sylvia, April, and Monica

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grape Going + MAAH

Two Coats
One Coat

The awesomeness of this combo can not be overstated! No matter how many pictures I took, I could not get this to show in it's full glory. It is one and two coats of Mad As A Hatter over my previous Grape Going mani. 5 blings for sure!


Steve Madden Score

I was at Marshalls the other day looking at their sunglasses and I saw these. I had been looking for a pair of Wayfarers after I lost mine. Tried them on, looked cool and fit fine! Then I looked at the price, they were marked down to 3 dollars, they were sooo mine! These get 4 blings.

~ Sylvia~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Konad Givaway!

Tips On Nails is having a Konad Givaway! Find it here:


Drunken Chocolate Voodoo Cake

We don't celebrate Mardi Gras, but we do have something evil to share today :) This cake took days to make for Dad's birthday and he rated it 5+ Blings!

I'm not posting the 3 page recipe, but you can email if you'd like to have it. Here's the general idea: First, you let a cup of raisins sit in dark rum overnight (hence the term "drunken"). Then you make the "Zombie Cake" with more rum, tons of chocolate, and a lot of spices. Next, you make the "Mocha Rum Mousse" with even more rum and more chocolate. After this comes the "Blackened Molasses Glaze" with black strap molasses (we added some black strap rum as well) and yes, more chocolate. Finally, you make the "Chocolate Caramel Voodoo Needles" that stick into the cake.

Now in case you haven't noticed, this cake is not for those who don't care for the flavor of rum or chocolate :) It is to die for! We made this a couple times and it is well worth the effort! It's also super rich and will last for days.


Burple Polish and Perfume

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear - Purple Pizzazz. I have seen this polish getting a lot of love on other sites, and now I know why! OMG! I have GOT to get a back up bottle, but they are hard to find.This is a thick burple jelly with pink glitter. It took three coats but who cares! When I went to Costco my nails looked like they were lit from within and glowing! 5 Blings!

Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears. This is sweet cherry on top, floral center and warm musky amber vanilla base. I know her frags get dissed a lot, but they are not bad. They are nicely done. I really like this! 4 Blings

~ Sylvia~

Monday, February 15, 2010

Purple Duochrome comparison

I wanted to do a purple duochrome comparison that looked similar in the bottle to me.

Pointer - "Lapis Amethyst" by Sally Hansen Nail Prisms
This is alot lighter and more blue.This is three coats and it could have used four. Like. Not bad for 50 cents. 3 Blings

Middle - "Grape Going" by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
This is the Scrangie Dupe that I was dying to try. Love the color. I cant wait to wear this when it is sunny! This is three coats and it could have used four. Love. 4 Blings

Ring - "Violet metal" by Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro
Gorgeous color and finish, what's not to love. This is three coats and it's just right. Love. 4 Blings

Pinkie - "Eggplant Frost" Wet n Wild Wild Shine
I'm not seeing the duochrome on the nail. This is still a really nice vampy dark purple. This is three coats but could have got away with two. The kicker here is it's got fab color, finish and shine and it's only $1.00. Love. 3.5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

Grape Going by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

This went on much less opaque than I was expecting, but I love the color! Very smooth to apply as well. This was three coats and I could have gone 4, but it's late already! I give this 4 Blings