Friday, February 26, 2010

Brilliant Browns

I've been wanting to do a brown comparison for some time, and here it is :) As you can see, two of the colors are identical- they are NYC "Canal Street" (Pointer finger) and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Mochachino". Complete dupes, but the SH has much better application, so I'd go with it if you have the choice.

All of these had a medium dry time. Here's the breakdown:
Pinkie- "Brisbane Bronze" by OPI
This was fairly thin, so it is the only one above that needed 3 coats, and I would probably go with 4 if I was planning on wearing it exclusively. A nice color. 3.5 blings

Ring- "Haute Chocolate" by Sally Hansen Salon
I've been wondering if these are worth the price. I love the application- nice wider brush (similar to the SH Insta-Dri brush), and it was quite opaque, though need 2 coats to bring out it's best (as pictured). I wouldn't say it's better than the Insta-Dri though, so unless you must have a certain color, I'd stick with cheaper polish. 4 blings

Middle- "Mochachino" by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Great opacity! I could have left this at 1 coat (shown at 2 coats)! It is exactly the same color as "Canal Street" (below). This went on smooth. Love! 4.5 blings

Pointer- "Canal Street" by NYC
Medium opacity, thin for application. Brush was just okay, but the color is great. 3.5 blings



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