Monday, February 15, 2010

Purple Duochrome comparison

I wanted to do a purple duochrome comparison that looked similar in the bottle to me.

Pointer - "Lapis Amethyst" by Sally Hansen Nail Prisms
This is alot lighter and more blue.This is three coats and it could have used four. Like. Not bad for 50 cents. 3 Blings

Middle - "Grape Going" by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
This is the Scrangie Dupe that I was dying to try. Love the color. I cant wait to wear this when it is sunny! This is three coats and it could have used four. Love. 4 Blings

Ring - "Violet metal" by Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro
Gorgeous color and finish, what's not to love. This is three coats and it's just right. Love. 4 Blings

Pinkie - "Eggplant Frost" Wet n Wild Wild Shine
I'm not seeing the duochrome on the nail. This is still a really nice vampy dark purple. This is three coats but could have got away with two. The kicker here is it's got fab color, finish and shine and it's only $1.00. Love. 3.5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~


  1. I have 2 Sally Hansen Nail Prism polishes and I think they look best when applied over another (more opaque) shade. Love the comparison photos!

  2. just FYI - "index" and "pointer" are the same finger (the one you have listed as "pointer"). the one you have listed as "index" should be called "ring" :)

  3. nihrida,

    I agree completely, thanks!


    Oops, thanks for the heads up :)



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