Thursday, February 25, 2010

Commander in Chic

The first two pics are outside and the last two are inside.
This is two coats of Sally Hansen - Commander in Chic and one coat Poshe'. This went on thick and a little streaky but not to bad. Good coverage and great shine. This is a very hip and cool color. My pics are a little on the light and warm side. 4 Blings

Then I had this little nagging voice saying "this is so familiar". So I had to go dig deep in my pile. And look what I found! Why it's it's good old Orly - Midnight Mist from way back! It's a little on the purple side but not too much. Guess I was all cool and hip before I even knew it! :)

~ Sylvia ~

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  1. That is a lovely color, and that old bottle of Orly looks cool!


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