Saturday, January 17, 2015

Go Seahawks!


Our favorite Emerald city team is on a roll, and what better way to celebrate than with a manicure?!
The color for Seahawks blue polish is by China Glaze "Water you waiting for?" Up close it's really a teal and purple sparkle, and is a dazzling reminder that we are surrounded by deep blue water up in the northwest. I give it 4 blings! Only 2 coats for excellent coverage, only it was a bit gritty for trying to get accurate lines.
For the neon green I went with an NYX polish that I am unable to name since the label is missing :(  This lightning polish is a good reminder that the LOB is coming for you! Although it was a bit thin I used heavy coats and my nails are sadly too short to worry about vnl. I give this 3.5 blings, only because I can't stand thin polish, but love the color and sparkle!

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