Friday, April 16, 2010

New Displays at Fred Meyer!!!!

Here is the new L'Oreal "Passport to Paradise" display! Love the colors!

Next is the Maybelline "Salsa Sun" collection- not loving the colors :(

And lastly, never seen before (that we know of) Milani "Liquid Metal" collection. Awesome!

~April & Sylvia


  1. OOO NICE! What is Fred Meyer? o.0 A department store? Or like a Walgreens?

  2. Fred Myers is like an upscale Kmart or Walmart.

  3. oooh, liquid metallll! lol~

  4. Sweet! I was going to Freddy's today anyway. Thanks for this!

  5. Oh how I wish I had a Fred Meyer in my city! I've heard so much about these collections but I probably won't see them in person for weeks or months! :( Oh, and btw, did you hear that the Passport to Paradise collection is pretty much an exact dupe of the Essie Resort collection? Yay! :)

  6. No Fred Meyer near me. Oh well. I was in Walgreens yesterday, and they had two new Sinful displays that looked interesting. However, I noticed all the colors on the display are ones that can be found on their "permanent" display like Daddy's Girl, Show Me The Way, and Bali Mist. I mainly was drawn to a color called I Love You.

  7. Rhea - ;)

    Mighty Lambchop - Your welcome!

    Recessionista - I broke and paid full price for High Tide, $5 is less that eight. The other two colors looked like other colors I already had. Plus I have a really hard time finding Essie where I live. :(

    Deb - I have seen the same thing around here too. Sally's new Finger Paints display had a lot of on the shelf colors too. I hate it when they do that.


  8. Nice. Some times nails can be a true work of art.
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