Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jade Comparison

In this picture, "in the jungle" is on my pinkie and index fingers, and "Jade is the new Black" is on my middle and pointer fingers. As you can see they are almost dupes. All you'd have to do to franken "Jade is the new Black" is take some white and add it to the other!

And this is just "Jade is the new Black" alone. Love! 2 coats, easy application, a bit streaky but my top coat evened it out. This is my new must have! 4 Blings.



  1. I love this color and it looks fabulous on you! :) ~Chris

  2. This is definitely a must-have color! It looks so great on you!


  3. Nice color! I'm not a big fan of green polishes but I hope that I will get In the jungle. :)

  4. Love Jade! I have it but need to wait week end to wear it, I started working this week and...it's not (yet) appropriate to show green nails ;-)

  5. Wow! I didn't know this had a dupe...

  6. I love how jade looks on you!!


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