Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stunning Silvers!

Here are some stunning silvers to make you feel special! All of these are 3 coats, fairly sheer, and all except "Celeb City" were streaky.

Pointer - "Pedal to the Metal" by Sally Hansen Salon
I like this color, though I might franken it to have just a bit more lavender color. It had good but streaky application and average dry time. 3.5

Middle - "Risk Taker" by Pure Ice
This is awesome! It is very shiny with deep color that sucks you right in. Good, but again streaky application, moderate dry time, beautiful color! 4 Blings!

Ring - "Silver Mercedes" by Pure Ice
Similar application to "Risk Taker" but a light silver. I love the name- that's the whole reason I bought it :) Very nice and shiny. 3.5

Pinkie - "Celeb City" by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
This one is the standout! It dried the fastest, and sparkles like crazy! It was sheer as expected, but not streaky. This solves my craving for shiny and sparkly at the same time :) 4.5 Blings



  1. Risk taker is very gorgeous :)

  2. I love celeb city as well! I use it for konading pretty often.

  3. Taninhah- Thanks, I love the color too!

    Tierney and SeeingSunshine- I know, it is sooo sparkley!

    TIPS ON NAILS- Yeah, the name really jumped out at me :)

    Thanks ladies!

  4. I might need all of those, especially the Cleb City.


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