Monday, March 1, 2010

Peach Franken

This is three coats of my Peach Franken and one top coat of Poshe'. Again this was runny and hard to handle but I just LOVE this color! To me it looks like RBL - Starfish Patrick. To make this color I used the Wet n Wild - French White and Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Orange you Fast. So do you think this is a dupe for any other color? 4.5 Blings



  1. Peach franken is gorgeous!
    I like the lavender too!

  2. Very pretty! It's probably close to a couple of the peaches I've gotten from the spring collections, but they are all slightly different, and I like that.

  3. Starfish Patrick is a jelly, this one is more peachy than melony like SP, but this one reminds me of a softer ChG Peachy Keen

  4. oh love this one, will hunt for it in store :O)

  5. I love this color!!!! But in my country I can`t find this brand :(


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