Monday, March 22, 2010

I've been Tagged

Niki from Polish on digital paper tagged Lilly and I. Thanks so much! That's very sweet! So let's hope a I do this right.

Seven facts about me.

1) Next year I will have my 30th wedding anniversary. (hey, no nursing home jokes! I was a child bride! I'm not that old!) :)

2) I owned an Art Gallery.

3) I volunteered at a wildlife rehab center.

4) I've bred and shown Silver Persians.

5) I have a bad perfume addiction.

6) My '75 red vette is up on blocks in the driveway. :(

7) I tend to go a little OCD with my hobbies.

10 things that make me Happy.

1) God.

2) Family.

3) My pets. I Love animals.

4) Books.

5) Funny movies.

6) Chocolate.

7) Retail Therapy.

8) Fly fishing.

9) Swimming.

10) Blogging and you guys!

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~ Sylvia & Lilly ~

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  1. thank you for the blog shout out! :D


  2. Thanks Sylvia for the tags!! I'll be sure to do the one I haven't done and reference back to you! xx

    I get OCD about my hobbies too - I think it's a common trait all us nail addicts share huh! And in regards to you owning an art gallery - are you an artist yourself?

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out!
    much love xoxox ~ Dolly

  4. You're such a sweetheart :] I'll definitely make a post about this when I have some time on my hands :]

  5. Oh, you guy's are so welcome! Hannah, Yes I'm an Artist, but a lazy one. I feel so guilty for not painting for so long. I did portraits to pay the bill's about 20 years ago and got burned out. It's hard to be creative when your cranking out up to 6 portraits a day. I've done some off and on, but not to sell. I had some weird stuff happen when I was doing the portrait's also, especially when I was working on the eyes. It was kind of unsettling, If they were sick I would all of a sudden know what was wrong with them, it was very strange. And each feeling I had checked out to be right. So that was a little distracting. It started freaking my husband and I out a little. :) So, I might stick to landscapes.


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