Saturday, February 6, 2010

Felix Rey New York bling bag!

This is a "Felix Rey" New York handbag I found in a designer re-sale store that my mom's friend owns. She gave me a great deal on it, the price tag was still on it originaly marked $220! (wow!) The closest store to us is in California..(figures..). So i decided to go online and do a little research on it, here is the history below that I found out about the name and designers, it's a great story...check it out!

Felix Rey has established itself as a sophisticated and ultra-feminine luxury brand. The sensibility of the accessories line is a clear reflection of the personal styles of co-founders Lily Rafii Band and Sulaika Zarrouk.

So, who is Felix Rey? A Doctor! It was Doctor Felix Rey who tended to Vincent Van Gogh after he cut off a portion of his ear and was admitted to an asylum. The two men befriended each other and Van Gogh painted a portrait of the doctor in lieu of payment for his services. Felix Rey, meaning “Happy King”, is a pseudonym Lily and Sulaika chose to personify their brand after seeing this inspirational portrait.

Felix Rey products are sold worldwide and are regularly featured in WWD, InStyle and Lucky Magazines. A favorite among celebrities, Felix Rey has also been featured on Sex and the City.


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